HFO Generators Operation & Maintenance

USP&E Africa is a leading provider of O&M services in the power generation industry with a scope and depth of experience in providing O&M services of incredible standards and philosophy. These govern each of our O&M projects including the HFO generators. . .


At USP&E we understand that the millions of dollars that power plant owners initially invest in their equipment is often only a fraction of their total cost of ownership over the project life cycle.

It is highly recommended that a dedicated and experienced O&M specialist manage the service and maintenance of the power station assets with a view of ensuring energy efficiency and asset life extension targets are maintained while keeping reliability above 99% with good constant fuel efficiency and as a company, we offer just that.

HFO Generator


USP&E provides expertise where it makes the most sense so our customers can achieve greater equipment availability and reliability and overall outcome. We do this by following a quality assurance program that encompasses quality control processes that will pay for itself. These processes follow global standards that measure true quality, such as ISO 9000-2008. We established these processes to ensure that the equipment is maintained according to manufacturer requirements.


Our Environmental Health and Safety Plan details the specific job responsibilities of each employee, as well as documenting the safety, health, and environmental responsibilities.

USP&E maintains a professional documentation department that keeps up-to-date manuals on important tasks and topics for maintaining equipment and providing standards for operations.

Our documentation library includes practices and procedures on topics such as:

  • Engine Calibration for Optimal Efficiency
  • Calibration of resistance temperature devices
  • Maintenance and cleaning of key electrical and mechanical components
  • Predictive maintenance and advanced diagnostics

We have extensive training programs that provide great practice for a systematic approach to on-the-job training programs.

If you are interested to find out more or see some of the assets available; be sure to contact us by emailing info@uspowerco.com or view the following incredible assets available right now and many more on our site:

  • 32MW new HFO plant with BOP
  • 20MW new Wartsila 2032TS HFO plant with BOP
  • 38MW new MWM natural gas plant

With your next project let us help you with:

  • New Assets
  • Used assets
  • O&M 
  • IPP
  • Design and Engineering
  • EPC

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Cheap Diesel Generators for Sale

Cheap Diesel Generators for Sale

With our extreme variety of cheap diesel generators for sale, life really does continue even when there are frequent power cuts. USP&E is well recognized as a global leader in the cheap diesel generators for sale market, with our new and used power generating assets being sold in every corner of the world.

We operate our business with the highest responsibility, a pivotal focus on sustainability, and a long-term commitment to our business partners.  Our goals are to empower people through job creation and education and provide affordable and reliable fuel-efficient energy. Our cheap diesel generators for sale are quick to supply, reliable and are a testimony to our goals.

Cheap Diesel Generators for Sale

Cheap Diesel Generators for Sale

Our cheap diesel generators for sale options can be containerized units which are fitted with air intake and outlet louvres and filters that are specifically designed to protect the engine in dusty environments. Each of these genset container is effectively a self-contained mobile power station.  Each unit includes:

  1. diesel engine
  2. alternator
  3. air filters
  4. fuel filters
  5. cooling system
  6. flexible control system
  7. water-in-fuel detectors
  8. motorised synchronising circuit breaker
  9. 1000 liter fuel tank
  10. Silencers

All gensets can be controlled and operated either locally on the local control panel (accessible from outside each genset container) or remotely via a central control panel with full alarm monitoring capabilities. All genset packages have the option to be either refuelled locally or connected to a bulk fuel supply and refuelled by an onboard automatic fuel control system.

The control package allows the gensets to:

  • Run as single units or in groups
  • Synchronise automatically when safe to do so
  • Be used in standby applications to start automatically when the grid/alternative power source fails
  • Run in parallel with the grid/alternative power source
  • Accept high loads in a short period of time with rapid multi-engine synchronization

Whatever the capacity, application or location, USP&E is ready to offer you cheap diesel generators for sale.

Diesel generators for sale – USP&E Global

USP&E Global Diesel Generators for Sale

USP&E Global brings you affordable and reliable power for diesel generators for sale suitable for any application. Our inventory has a wide selection of diesel generators for sale from the world’s top manufacturers. If required, we can configure custom diesel generators for sale to meet your specific requirements. We support a varied range of applications – from small power requirements for residential use to large power requirements for industrial operations. Our team of experts with proven track record of diesel generators for sale will recommend a solution that surpasses your expectations, and at the most competitive prices all over the world.

Inventory Listings

  • Caterpillar CAT series diesel gensets for sale
  • Cummins series diesel gensets for sale
  • Detroit series diesel gensets for sale
  • Hyundai Heavy Industry series diesel gensets for sale
  • MAN series diesel gensets for sale
  • Mitsubishi diesel gensets for sale
  • MTU Onsite Energy Marine series diesel gensets for sale
  • Rolls Royce diesel gensets for sale

Diesel Generators for sale

With lots of years of hands on experience in the industry behind us, USP&E Global has built a status for grander equipment in all our diesel generators for sale. Our varied manufacturer diesel generators for sale options will exceed your operating anticipations in the utmost demanding conditions. As a company, we do not just build and supply diesel power generators, we offer a wide variety of servicing and repair options too – plus emergency call out if you need us, guaranteeing any downtime is maintained to a bare minimum. Our high-quality equipment components sourced from the best of manufacturers all over the world ensures longevity and resilience of our diesel generators for sale. USP&E Global is assured that all our diesel generators are value for money.

We are ready to discuss your needs as well as recommend the best diesel generators for sale for your application. USP&E Global offers generators for sale from 50kW to 50,000kW.

Inquire from our Contact page for more details.

USP&E Brings Diesel Generators Africa to Emerging Economies

President Obama’s Power Africa Initiative encourages companies in the United States to rise up and act in the emerging market economies of nations such as South Africa, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Liberia, and more. The president delivers an urging call to action, and US firms such as GE Power & Water and US Power & Environment Global are ready to offer energy solutions such as diesel generators Africa, mobile power stations, containerized power plants, and waste heat recovery solutions.

The Rise in the Use of Diesel Generators Africa

In developing economies throughout the world, using the main national grid to bring electrical power to remote rural areas is not the most economical option. Remote locations tend to have more budget restrictions, therefore power generation must fit those limitations while also increasing the technological, social and economic benefits to the area.  This is somewhat not feasible in countries that do not have a stable grid infrastructure in place because there are frequently no substations or transmission/distribution lines to work in conjunction with it.

A technicians maintains diesel generators Africa

In the circumstances of these remote areas, installing diesel generators Africa are the most practical answer for meeting domestic needs and as well as high-energy requirements in rural areas. Compared with other types of power generation equipment, diesel generators Africa are not difficult to install, and they can either be used as independent systems or as part of hybrid systems in conjunction with other, renewable sources such as wind and solar power. One large advantage of this system is the generation of power at lowest cost, which depends on the operating environment and time operation during the day. It is good to note that when combining power sources, it is also critical to have experienced and certified technicians available to ensure smooth maintenance of the generators and alternative power operations.

USP&E: Creating Jobs and Power with Diesel Generators Africa

USP&E maintains an expansive inventory of diesel generators Africa available for a variety purposes.  We specialize in bringing power to emerging markets. Our friendly team and engineering experts are standing by to help you with your next power generation project.  Email us at info@uspowerco.com.  Click here to find out how we can help you today.

USP&E: Experts in Used Diesel Generators Maintenance

Whether used for prime or back up power, USP&E understands that used diesel generators must be regularly maintained to ensure they provide quality power throughout their service life. USP&E is able to assemble teams of operations and maintenance engineers to sustain your used diesel generator sets. USP&E is an experienced integrator and installer of power plant systems. We understand the significance of training operators to assume operations and maintenance activities.  We use proven training practices to help staff become familiar with the facility, equipment, and processes. We always adhere to the maintenance schedule provided by the manufacturer of the used diesel generators.

The Process of Maintaining Used Diesel Generators 

Our staff members are truly experts in their field.  The long outstanding use of used diesel generators over time has provided the necessary knowledge to predict when certain components will fail or be in need of service.  Their responsibilities include inspecting systems, studying the technical data provided by the manufacturers, maintaining records and taking precautionary measures for safety as suggested by the manufacturers.

Used Diesel Generators Maintenance

Used Diesel Generators Maintenance

USP&E covers all the bases of used diesel generator repair:

  • routine and preventative maintenance
  • spare parts control
  • inventory control and warehousing
  • fuel optimization

When performing routine maintenance, each action each action is logged, and the readings and various parameters are recorded along with the date of inspection and hour meter reading of the generator. This set of readings is compared with the next set of data collected. Any variation of readings indicates faulty performance of the unit.  Load testing of automatic transfer switches in regular intervals keeps track of the component’s electrical and mechanical integrity in the actual mechanical transfer operation. Other factors our staff checks for periodically are starting and timing relays, start signal continuity, and utility phase sensing.

Preventative maintenance on used diesel generators ensures that you get uninterrupted power supply for all your needs. You are assured of service on priority basis in case of dire emergency and discounted service rate for additional support or work.

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USP&E is leads the way for power generation in emerging markets and rapid growth economies. We are looking forward to getting started on your next esteemed project. Click here for more information.

USP&E’s Diesel Generators for Sale

US Power & Environment, based out of Frisco, TX, offers comprehensive power solutions services covering not only engineering, procurement, and construction, but also installation, commissioning, operations, maintenance, and repair of power systems including power plants, substations, and products for marine services.  Our complete inventory has numerous HFO, Natural Gas, and diesel generators for sale.


At USP&E, we pride ourselves on having an extensive inventory of new, used, and surplus diesel generators for sale.  Our sales team work with your engineers to determine the best possible equipment for your esteemed project.  Our procurement activities include inspections, testing, and expediting the selected equipment.  The clients of USP&E leverage our vast expertise to find the solution that perfectly fits their expectations.  We have experience in dealing with multiple vendors and manufacturers located around the world is passed on to our customers.  Furthermore, we enjoy helping you browse our extensive supply of diesel generators for sale.  Hear what some of our previous clients have to say:

“We hereby acknowledge that USP&E supplied, installed, commissioned, and operated over 13 MW in total diesel Power Plant capacity for our Marampa Iron Ore operation in Sierra Leone Africa in 2010-2012.  We are satisfied with the installation, commissioning, and operation of our equipment and pleased with the services purchased from USP&E and the professionalism of there staff.” – Gerhard Hermann, General Manager Operations, London Mining, Sierra Leone, West Africa

The Most Trusted Supplier of Diesel Generators for Sale

“We would highly recommend using USP&E for any of your projects requiring generators and ATSs, CRAC units and other data center/call center equipment. USP&E has been working with CWT since 2004 at our different locations in various capacities of equipment supply, installation and service. They have always been proactive and responsive to our needs. You can feel comfortable in your decision to work with the team at USP&E.” – Dean Hubert, Sr. Director, Global IT Operations, Carlson Wagonlit Travel

USP&E is ready to helping you get started on your next project.  Contact us today to explore of inventory of diesel generators for sale and speak with our skilled team of engineers and project managers. Click here to begin.  We look forward to working with you.

USP&E: Diesel Generator Supplier and Power Plant Solutions Provider

Construction site of a power plant project in Guinea.

USP&E has been the most flexible and innovative full-service dealer, installer, and maintainer of fuel-efficient diesel and natural gas power plants in the world. We are a trusted supplier of power station EPC and O&M services in emerging markets, building, installing, and servicing power solutions to fit any need up to 500MW. For more information on these services, go to www.uspowerco.com.

Customer Satisfaction Ranks High with USP&E

Customer satisfaction and quality are extremely important to USP&E. Our engineering and construction services, generators, power station equipment and maintenance offerings rank “best in class” when it comes to value and quality. We will deliver excellence, strive for continuous improvement and respond vigorously to change. If you’re in the market for a diesel generator, natural gas generator or an HFO power plant, or visit www.uspowerco.com.

Diesel Generator Sale – Worldwide Shipping

USP&E Offers Worldwide Shipping – In Stock Generators: HFO, Diesel, Medium Speed, Containerized


We have experience working with clients all over the globe and are acquainted with how to interface with various utilities entities. USP&E is successfully working with a number of companies with operations in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and South America and can supply references as requested.

Email us at info@uspowerco.com.

USP&E Service After the Sale

uspowerco.com services

Equipment Procurement & Service

USP&E’s portfolio includes a broad range of products for standby, prime and continuous operation using prime movers, diesel generators and switchgear from leading suppliers. We provide the most reliable and trusted products, services and support wherever your facilities are located. We have your equipment in stock and therefore are able to offer it at low prices. We believe in honest, fair price dependable equipment.

We know the equipment we sell, install, service and maintain – and when it comes to our Onsite Diesel Service and Maintenance Teams, USP&E believes in operational precision and detailed reporting. With hundreds of hours of combined experience, our teams of professionally trained prime power service technicians have the experience, dedication, and management skills required in order to maximize fuel efficiencies and asset life, while minimizing equipment failures. USP&E has the capability and resources to handle your power plant maintenance and servicing needs to enable you to do what you do best: Run Your Business.

Construction Services

Mission Critical Facilities are vital for large and small businesses and USP&E prides itself on our innate ability to recognize our client’s requirements and the budget required to complete this intricate portion of their overall facility requirement. Our team of Construction Professionals has completed in excess of 6 million square feet of Mission Critical Facilities in various Tier Level configurations.

USP&E’s Construction Professionals are not just Mission Critical Facility specialists; they can provide any facet required by our clients for construction or renovation projects. They are experienced in facility commissioning, facility evaluation, and all aspects of the construction process. USP&E offers project/program management, general contracting, construction management, and consulting services. There is no job too small or too large for our experienced and friendly team.

Value Added Services

USP&E’s strong combination of worldwide building expertise packaged with our Value Added Services is a key component of the company’s ability to provide exceptional value to our business partners, our clients, and client’s partners. Value Engineering is construed to be deductive and dicey in the business environment, however, USP&E believes that Value Added has the ability to be both deductive and additive holding that the client receives the best value for the immediate and long term goals of their business plans.


We at USP&E are committed to integrity and ethical conduct. We promote an environment that nurtures, promotes, and supports the principles of empowerment and responsibility. Paramount to our commitment is continued validation and support of the highest ethical standards of fairness and confidentiality. We respect differences and embrace diversity. We are committed to equitable treatment and mutual respect for all of our employees and clients.


USP&E is dedicated to providing quality products and services that consistently meet or exceed the needs and requirements of our clients. It is the responsibility of USP&E and each of its employees to maintain consistent professional communications and relationships with our clients and to maintain our commitment to the highest standards of service, business practice, and safety.


Our emphasis on safety shows not only our commitment to maintaining a safe and qualified workforce, but demonstrates our commitment to completing your project in a timely and efficient manner. USP&E pride ourselves in taking OSHA standards to the next level and require the safest workplace possible for our employees, subcontractors, customers and anyone who enters our area of operation.

We are dedicated to elevating the standard for safety in the construction industry. All subcontractors and vendors of USP&E are required to adhere to our innovative safety program as well as all applicable state, federal and local codes and regulations. Our program provides employees and subcontractors with the tools, knowledge and resources needed to increase safety, reduce risk, and improve loss control on every project.

Key Team Leaders

Will Gruver-President

After attending Northwest University in Evanston, IL, Will worked for Northern Trust Global Investments in Institutional Portfolio Management and then Baldor Generators before taking the helm of US Power & Environment. Throughout his professional career Will has seen the need for a more comprehensive company that focuses on the delivery of customized services to meet the needs of the client. Through expansion of our services offerings Will has guided the company into different arenas based on feedback from our clients. That simple philosophy remains our guidance today.


Carl Daugherty – Construction Superintendant
Kevin Malloy – Electrical Superintendant
Nick Ramsden – Mechanicals Manager
Hans Boss – CRAC Manager
Wally Lopez – Foreman
Michael Lopez – Foreman
Nathaniel Winn – Procurement and Logistics Manager
Aaron Mayfield – Operations Manager
Susanna Hannon – Contracts and Administration Manager
Paul Keorner – UPS Installation and Startup Technician
Peter Newman – International Projects
Michael Greiling – Online Project Metrics Manager